Causes And Cure Of Anxiety

Anxiety – What it is?

Anxiety is a term coined for minor or major disorders that lead to a feeling of nervousness or fear. While mild anxiety is nothing to be concerned about – almost everyone faces it – severe anxiety needs to be addressed the sooner it is possible. Since the latter may affect your daily life. You may develop some physical symptoms, which may sometimes hint a medical illness or vice versa.

Symptoms of Anxiety

When you suffer an anxiety disorder, you may order valium online feel worried almost in all situations every day. Such feelings can be really tough to deal with and tend to last for long. If you think it may occur only at a particular age, forget it – it’s a myth. Symptoms may begin appearing at any age. Some of the commonly noted symptoms may comprise:

A feeling of fear or panic


Improper sleep





Heart palpitations

Dry mouth

Types of Anxiety

Once you understand what anxiety is, do not rely completely on the same. Since the type of anxiety may differ from person to person. Some of the varied kinds of anxiety valium cod usa disorders are enlisted below:

Panic disorder –

Feelings of fear or terror may recur in this condition. This disorder may make the sufferer sweat or have a chest pain or even heart palpitations. The sufferer may feel like having a heart attack at times.

Generalized anxiety disorder –

The smallest of a daily life issue may cause you to worry when you suffer from this disorder. The tension or concern may be completely unrealistic. Anything from your health to work to money may cause you to worry a hell lot, and you may fail to control the same.

A Specific Phobia –

When you have a specific phobia, some object or situation may scare the hell of you. Maybe it is height or water or anything. You would tend to be more fearful than needed and may even avoid a common situation.

Social Anxiety Disorder –

A social anxiety disorder means a social phobia or a feeling of fear to go in public or self-consciousness about a general situation. You may fear that others may judge you.

Anxiety disorder due to a medical condition

This disorder may trigger such anxiety symptoms that result from a physical condition.

Causes of Anxiety

Though it has been difficult for researchers or experts to identify an exact cause why anxiety occurs, they have found out that life’s harrowing situations may trigger the condition in those that fear even minor situations. Besides, medical conditions have been widely known to cause anxiety.

Yes, an underlying health problem may be the reason for your anxiety. Some of these health issues include heart disease, asthma, drug abuse, bowel syndrome or diabetes.

On the other hand, some medications may also instigate an anxious feeling in you as a side effect.

Treatment Strategies

The treatment strategies for different anxiety disorders will be different. In general, the below-listed therapies or a combination of these may help.

Psychotherapy: It refers to counseling by a psychologist that looks at the emotional response to the condition or mental state. Mental health professionals have a word with patients to understand their condition and find a cure for it.
Medication: Antidepressants and anxiety-reducing drugs are likely to address such issues.
Cognitive-behavioral therapy: Another effective approach that doctors recommend is the cognitive-behavioral therapy. This method involves bringing alteration in thought patterns as well as behaviors that probably result in feelings of restlessness or distress.

Furthermore, relaxation therapy and significant changes in dietary and lifestyle may play an equal role in addressing anxiety disorders.

Tip: Stay active and stay healthy to remain at a bay from anxiety.

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